Panama is the natural bridge that unites the Americas and has the greatest diversity of wildlife in Central America. Much of the land, over 1/3, is covered by National Parks with a variety of plants, animals, reptiles, birds, and a wide range of marine life. Panama offers the complete travel experience with activities such as: zip-lining through the jungle, hot springs, horseback riding, mountain biking, amazing hiking, bird watching, white water rafting, fishing, rock climbing, repelling, surfing, cave exploration, snorkeling, four-wheeling, volcano treks and much more! Above all else, the culture of people in Panama will amaze you and show you the kind of love and acceptance that will inspire you for a lifetime. They are the kind of selfless people that you can ask for directions and they will walk you to your location, even if they need to go the other way. Or the kind of people you meet on the bus and they invite you into their homes to share a meal after an hour of knowing you. The best way to describe them is open-hearted and they will make you not want to leave.

The valley of Boquete is located in the western highlands of Panama at 1,200 meters above the sea level. Nestled amongst the country's most mountainous region, this peaceful town is situated between the Caldera River and Baru Volcano. Surrounded by untouched tropical cloud forests, Boquete is just an hour and a half from unspoiled white sand beaches in the Pacific and 4 hours from Bocas del Toro in the Caribbean, offering yogi's plenty of opportunities to hit the beach during the weekend to enjoy the warmth of the sun and get to do some of the most amazing scuba diving, snorkeling and surfing that they could imagine.

Boquete is safe, beautiful, inexpensive and exciting. It can be easily accessed by 1 hour daily flights from Panama City to David (the country's second largest city), and then a 30-40 minute car / 1 hour bus journey from here.

The "Valley of the Flowers and the Eternal Spring", is home to 20,000 habitants whose cultural roots can be traced to Native Indians, Spaniards, Europeans and North Americans among other ethnicities. Its first settlers came from other areas of Panama, as well as other countries such as Switzerland, Sweden, Germany and North America. All give shape to the cultural melting pot that Boquete is today. Most farms and houses still have architectural styles that are reminiscent of these other countries.

On the sheer mountains that surround the valley live the Ngöbe Bugles, an indigenous ethnic group who are highly skilled artisans, famous for their colorful chaquiras (beaded necklaces) and "nahuas", traditional dresses.

Boquete is considered the Ecotourism and Adventure Travel capital of Panama, you name it, Boquete has it! For extreme adrenaline, White Water River Rafting in the Chiriqui Viejo. For coffee lovers, Coffee Tours to coffee plantations and processing farms in Palmira, Palo Alto and Alto Quiel. To admire the beauty of the tropical cloud forest, Zip Line Canopy Tours in Palo Alto. For a challenging trek and a chance to view the both oceans from Panama's highest point, hike and camp to the top of the Baru Volcano. For the most incredible hike, challenge yourself to the Quetzals Trail footpath from Cerro Punta to the entrance of La Amistad National Park. For a relaxing afternoon, you can soak in the Caldera Hot Springs. For you cowboys, you can go Horseback Riding through Caldera's valleys. To admire nature's abundance go for a Bird Watching Tour. For extreme sports enthusiasts there is Rock Climbing and Rappelling at Los Ladrillos in Bajo Mono. During the weekend boat trips and island hoping tours can be arranged to Bolaños or Gamez Islands in the Golf of Chiriqui. Panama's best surfing is just a couple of hours away in the world famous town of Santa Catalina and the most amazing scuba diving spots are found at Isla Coiba, which is also in Chiriqui's Golf. The Archipelago of Bocas del Toro is only a 20-minute flight away from David, and offers a great taste of the Caribbean vibe.

There is an array of restaurants in Boquete offering a wide selection of international dishes including: Mexican, Italian, Peruvian, American, Chinese, and of course delicious Panamanian. Just to mention a few: Sugar & Spice, Big Daddy's, Machu Pichu, Antojitos Mexicanos, El Panamonte Bar and Restaurant, The Rock, Il Pianista and Finca Lerida are amongst the best restaurants in Boquete.

This highly lush land has several splendid public gardens, like El Explorador and Mi Jardín es tu Jardín and it also home to a fascinating animal refuge.

The location of Boquete enjoys a sunny cool mountain climate, comfortable all year around, considered nearly perfect, with temperatures ranging between 60° to 80° F (16° to 28° C). Thanks to its 3,600-foot elevation, the area's microclimates deduct 10 crucial degrees (Celsius) from the incessant and humid lowland heat.

Overall the climate in Boquete is pretty perfect, not too hot and not too cold. It is a beautiful rainforest, so there is plenty of sunshine and rain. The heavy rainy season starts in October and goes through November. The summer months with the least amount of rain start in mid December to the end of March.

In Boquete we have what we call Bajareque, and it is a beautiful mist that creates a plethora of rainbows throughout the blue skies.

Believe us, if you come to Boquete you may never want to leave...

David is situated on gently rolling plains about half way between the Pacific Ocean to the south and the Cordillera Talamanca Highlands to the North. On the ocean, a short drive away, you will find the city of Puerto Armuelles and the beaches of Lar Barqueta, Las Lajas and Playa Hermosa. David is the second most populous city in Panama. In David you can encounter several museums and cinemas where you can go to the movies, shopping malls and plenty more restaurants. It is the capital of the Chiriqui Province and the centre of a rich farming region. The city’s heart is its fine central plaza, the Parque de Cervantes and is located 1.5km southwest of the highway. David is located 38 kilometres (23 miles) away from Boquete. You can arrive in car between 30-40 minutes and by bus in one hour.