The Letting Go Flow

By Mamie Brisker Ledbetter Petit, YiA Yoga Teacher Trainee

YiA Yoga Teacher Training seeks to inspire us to “be the change we wish to see in the world.”  While providing extensive knowledge on the history of yoga, the various practices that are available, and focusing on the mind-body connection, Yia Yoga Teacher Training hopes to turn out well rounded Yoga Teachers.  As one of those students, it is my hope to also do Yia Yoga proud.

 During our second week of training, our fearless leader Kaytee, gave us the daunting task to choose a “peak pose” and then create our very own yoga sequence in which we were to lead in front of our fellow students.  Say what?! And drawing a very short straw, I was assigned the first slot and had less than 7 days to prepare.  My mind froze, heart started beating wildly, and my first  coherent thought was “well crap”.   Then, drawing from my previous yoga experience, I began taking deep breaths and breathing in the word “Let” and exhaling the word “Go”.  And so it began.

 I let go of my insecurities about teaching a class when I felt I was still a beginner in the practice.

I let go of my fear that the other students would think my class was lame.

I let go of my judgement of myself and my ability to be creative enough to come up with a fun and challenging sequence.

I let go of my worry that I would freeze during the class and my mind would go blank.

I let go of my comparing myself to our instructor and thinking I wasn’t worthy to be a teacher yet.

 And while letting go, my sequence began to materialize and my confidence began to grow.  I found a peak pose that made me feel strong, I developed sequences that would help my students obtain the peak pose, and I began thinking of this class as my own and my classmates as my students.  

 Mantras are an important part of yoga and while using my breath to relax and let go of all the nonsense that entered my thought process, a successful yoga class was developed and then implemented.  #nailedit

 I want to thank all my amazing “students” and remind them that “when you let go, you’re creating space for something better.”