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Unite with Kaytee

Private Yoga & Holistic Consultations

Do you desire to have a holistic practice designed just for your mind, body & spirit? The reality is we all have beautifully unique designs and beliefs and each one needs different techniques and practices to empower the mind, body and spirit to come into balance & harmony. Working one-on-one with Kaytee will allow this balancing process to take place. United you will delve into different Ayurvedic healing modalities, yoga asana, breathwork, bodywork, meditation and much more to tune into the bliss, love and peace that already exists within you that is ready to be felt at the deepest levels of your core being.

Kaytee’s Yoga Style Teachings include: Power & Gentle Vinyasa Flow, Hatha Yoga, AcroYoga, Yoga for Kids, Yin Yoga & Restorative Yoga

*Hourly Rate $108, 5 pack Private Sessions $499, 10 pack Private Sessions $899

*Kaytee takes on a very limited number of private client per month. Please call +507-6630-3769 to book a private session directly with her. She works with yogis of all levels and ages (including children) and has over 15,000 hours of teaching experience.

"Working one-on-one gives me the opportunity to take my clients to the next level of holistic health in the least amount of time possible as the program is designed specifically for you individual needs, body design, personality and belief system. Through this journey I will empower you to get to know you from the inside out and listen to your highest self. You already know what you need intuitively, united the true awareness will arise to listen.”-Kaytee Hoverson

Breathe & Believe Breathwork 

Using connected breath, you will be empowered to experience the energetic body as never before, allowing blocked energy to move and release. Theses journeys are a sacred space to be, to release and to feel your way to your bright light. You may have a desire to laugh, to cry, to shake, to scream... everything is welcome as all of it allows you to surrender, to let go and move love throughout your energetic body.  These journeys are known to leave you feeling sensations of complete bliss, experiencing full-body energetic orgasms and truly connecting you to the powerful kundalini energy within. 

*Ecstatic Dance Parties*

Ecstatic Dance Parties offer a transformational space to breath, to be free, to surrender, to let go, to heal, to move, to smile, to connect. Our sessions start with energizing pranayama breathwork, followed by a warm up & ecstatic stretching. Then we move into freestyle movement guided by the music and you simply allow your body to move in whatever way it desires! We close our sessions by slowing things down & ending in a soothing, resting meditation. All ages, shapes and sizes are welcome! If you can breath, you can join!

Monthly Moon Gatherings

Our monthly moon gatherings are a space to unite with tribe. Our moon gatherings are free of charge! The intention is to unite people together in a sacred space and to share. Our moon gatherings are substance free. Please bring an offering of food to share with the community. We will eat, dance, and enjoy the energy of the moon with a fire.

Yoga with Doris



Work hard and warm the body during the yang portion of the class which will include poses to improve balance and strengthen the core... Then surrender into the sweetness of the yin portion of the class where poses will be held for 2-3 minutes for deep stretching.

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Private Sessions $45 an hour / 5 pack Private Sessions $199 / 10 Pack Private Sessions $379

Semi-Private Sessions *Limited to 2-5 people $35 an hour per person / 5 pack $155 per person / 10 pack $299 per person  

Yoga with Stephanie

Vinyasa Flow

Join Stephanie to unite with the breath and the body. Stephanie will guide you through a beautiful peak pose sequence empowering your practice to the fullest. She will start off nice and slow and gradually take you where you desire to go in your practice. All levels are welcomed to attend. Stephanie is bilingual in both English and Spanish.