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Yoga with Kaytee

Kaytee's Signature Flow 

Join Kaytee, YiA YOGA Owner & Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher & Teacher Trainer, as she takes you through a transformational vinyasa flow incorporating the power of the breath through the movement, while focusing on alignment and personal safety within your practice. Kaytee's Signature Flow is designed for multi-level practitioners as she attentively watches and learns about  your body through the movements of your practice, guiding you to your highest potential, not only physically, but spiritually. Each week a new topic will be explored, topics include but are not limited to: cultivating gratitude in our daily lives, acceptance and self love, the power of now, forgiveness, positive thinking, body awareness, awareness of thought patterns, connection to your Higher Power (for all spiritual paths) and much more! Kaytee's classes are bilingual in English and Spanish. 

*Kaytee also teaches a variety of different styles of classes as listed below, and takes on a limited number of private students per month. Please call 6630-3769 to book a private session directly with her. She works with yogis of all levels and ages (including children) and has over 10,000 hours of teaching experience. 
"Working one-on-one with students gives  me the opportunity to take students to the next level of their practice in the least amount of time possible as the program is designed specifically for each students individual needs, body design, personality and belief system. Private yoga is tailor made just for you!"

Power Vinyasa & Core Power 

Power Flow is a vinyasa class that moves at a faster pace and introduces more advanced positions such as inversions & arm balancing. Both traditional and modern music may be used during the class. This class is open to all levels, but be prepared to push your body to new levels and maybe sit out on a few of the more advanced positions being introduced if you are new to yoga. *Core Power is a Power Vinyasa class with additional focus on building core strength by adding in abdominal exercises. 


Yoga-4-Everyone is a class designed for all levels, whether this is your first time taking a yoga class or you have an advanced yoga practice, this class is taught level by level to take you where you what to go in your own body. This is a vinyasa class where postures are connected through the breath for a transformative and balancing effect. Classes build heat, endurance, flexibility, and strength. Creative sequencing is applied creating a beautiful dance of positions and are built around sun salutations. These classes are build around themes, so each week you will learn something new to advance you as a yogi.                              

Restorative Yin Yoga

This class  blends restorative supported postures, gentle yoga stretching, breathwork, hands-on healing, and guided meditation techniques combined in such a way that it is an excellent choice for those who need something very gentle, yet effective for bringing the body into balance and reducing stress. This class is designed for anyone dealing with injury, stiffness, stress, depression, or fatigue. Leave feeling more energetic and filled with self-love & acceptance. 

Gentle Flow

Gentle Flow is a great class for those who desire to learn foundational key alignment and also introduces The 8 Limbs of Yoga philosophy throughout the classes. It is a class built on peak pose sequencing allowing your body to prepare to fully experience your postures to the fullest. Open to all levels. 


The essence of AcroYoga blends the wisdom of yoga, the dynamic power of acrobatics & the healing benefits of Thai massage. With AcroYoga, not only will you get the benefits of your own yoga practice by staying rooted in self-awareness, but you are able to connect on a deeper level with those around you by building trusting, open relationships, all while increasing strength & concentration & exploring a playful side of yourself!  The true essence of Acroyoga is based on the concept of being in the present moment & in balance with your partner. We will start with an opening circle to connect the group & engage in trust building activities. Next we will break off into partners & practice several beautiful partner poses that will leave you feeling awakened, alive & connected. Kaytee leads this class in an atmosphere of safety and mutual support as we delve into AcroYoga’s practices and learn tangible, practical tools for creating joyful, compassionate & authentic relationships with strangers, friends, colleagues & family. No partner or previous AcroYoga experience is necessary and you can come alone or with a partner. This class is open to ages 13+. For the younger ones, join one of our Family Yoga or Toddler & Parent(s) Yoga where AcroYoga is also practiced. 

Ecstatic Dance Party! 

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Yoga with Doris

Yang-Yin (2).jpg



Work hard and warm the body with a 30 minute core strengthening sequence and then surrender int the sweetness of the yin portion of the class where you will relax into postures for 2-3 minutes for deep stretching. 

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Yoga Journey Series:

Yoga Journey Series: Balance your Chakras   

This DEEP SLOW FLOW vinyasa based class is a smooth linking of unhurried breath with movement, intensified by mindfully holding postures for several breaths.  Explore the details of each posture at a comfortable pace to allow your body to deepen into a stretch or pause in a strength-building pose.  All levels of practitioners are welcome. 

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Private Sessions $45 an hour / 5 pack Private Sessions $199 / 10 Pack Private Sessions $379

Semi-Private Sessions *Limited to 2-5 people $35 an hour per person / 5 pack $155 per person / 10 pack $299 per person  

Yoga with Mamie


Slow Vinyasa Flow


Join Mamie to expand your gratitude, increase your energy and build strength and flexibility all in one. This beautiful flow will challenge you just right, allowing you time to ease into the postures, at the same time building heat through the hold.  All levels of practitioners are welcome.

Yoga with Alejandro


Every Tuesday & Thursday at 5:30pm join Alejandro and practice your Spanish! 

Or if you are already a Spanish speaker, take classes in your native language! 

Hatha Yoga    

Join Alejandro as he takes your through an uplifting sequence of asanas to connect your mind, body and spirit. Starting with the breath he will guide you through a series of variations of selected asanas, keeping you connected during the journey. Using the breath he will continue to mindfully deepen the asana.  Alejandro speaks English, Spanish and Portuguese.  

Asana Variations     

Each week Alejandro will guide you in various postures bringing you to your full potential!

  • November 3rd : Pigeon 
  • November 10th: Sun Salutations 
  • November 17th: Warrior 
  • November 24th : Lotus Preparation