2018 Dates

YiA YOGA offers  a variety of training options including both 200 & 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Trainings in Panama & Indonesia! Although anyone is able to register for a 300 Advanced YTT, the certificate through Yoga Alliance is only valid after the completion of a 200 Hour training to make it a 500 Hour Training. If you are planning to participate in a 300 Hour Training without the 200 Hour Training, please contact the Lead Trainer to discuss. *Early Bird discounts are only available until the training is at 50% occupancy. The prices listed below are the cost for the training. Lodging and food are not included, but we have several options for every budget and will assist you to arrange directly with the accommodation providers. 

January 2nd-27th -  *PANAMA 200 Hour Yoga 4-week Teacher Training

$1,999 Early Bird $2,299 Regular Price

April 16th- May 18th - *PANAMA 300 Hour 5-week Tantra Teacher Training

$2,499 Early Bird $2,799 Regular Price

July 15th-28th - *PANAMA 200 Hour 2-week Intensive Teacher Training

$1,750 Early Bird $1,999 Regular Price

August 19th - September 14th - *BALI 300 Hour 4-week Tantra Teacher Training

$2,499 Early Bird $2,799 Regular

November 12th - December 7th - *PANAMA 200 Hour 4-week Teacher Training

$1,999 Early Bird $2,299 Regular Price

Take a Journey within...

Take your practice to the next level by immersing yourself in the exploration of yoga! Whether you are just beginning your practice or have an advanced practice, this training will surely create a beautiful shift in your life and expand you beyond measure in your practice. 

By joining you will become an internationally recognized Registered Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance®! During this 200-hour training we will explore the philosophy & history of yoga, the benefits of the postures & alignment, physiology of yoga, the 8 limbs of yoga, meditation & much more. 

Yoga is not just about getting on your mat & doing the postures. Yoga is a path to guide us on this journey of life. It is the process of becoming who we truly are at our core, our highest selves. It is about learning to love ourselves & share that love with those around us. It is about shining our light into the world to be of service to others. It is about learning to truly become aware and listen to our mind, body & spirit. To connect with your Higher Power, whatever your beliefs may be. To connect with others. It is about being kind. Showing compassion for others and ourselves. It is about finding our truth and living our truth. It is about living in a world of abundance. It is about knowing that in this present moment, everything is as it should be. It is about moving forward. It is about learning to use your energy wisely and not allowing negative energy to enter into your Being. It is about letting go of attachments, knowing the only thing that is consistent is change. It’s about learning to flow like water, gracefully over the bumps bends along the way. It’s about getting knocked down by life and always getting back up with a new, better, brighter perspective. It is about accepting that without darkness, there is no lightness. They go hand in hand, working in harmony. 

Just doing yoga postures will not change your life. But doing the work that goes along with the postures will.  A true yogi is not one that can come to their mat & do some truly difficult postures with grace. A true yogi is one that comes to their mat with their light shining as brightly as possible. Someone who during their practice is practicing self love & showing gratitude for their body for what it can and cannot do and not judging it. Someone who looks in the mirror and says, thank you God for this gift of life, I will do the best I can to serve at my Highest Self.