Wanting to do a Yoga Teacher Training, but short on funds? Here are some options! 

  • Create a Go Fund Me page!  The World's #1 Personal Fundraising Website! www.gofundme.com

Fundraising is a great way to support you in achieving your goals and your loved ones want you to succeed! So create your "yoga story" and start selling your dream for people to support you in fulfilling it! 

  • YiA YOGA Work Exchange Program 

YiA YOGA Work Exchange program allows you to share your knowledge and skills with us while earning credit towards your Yoga Teacher Training! Please send us your current resume and how you feel you can best support YiA YOGA in fulfilling its mission! You give us 200/300 hours prior to the training, we give you 200/300 hours of  training for FREE! This program can also be split up. For example, you give us 50 hours of exchange and we discount your tuition for training. 

  • Become a YiA YOGA Ambassador 

Promote YiA YOGA and get BIG discounts! Sign up to become a YiA YOGA Ambassador and for every person you sign up to participate in the Yoga Teacher Training you get a discount! *The number of ambassadors accepted into the program is limited and commissions paid out are based on registration and booking process.

Contact us today for more information!